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About Us

First founded in 1989 as Ekol Construction was changed to a joint-stock company in 2006 under the name of  KALE İNŞAAT A.Ş. due to development policies


It is proceeding its activities in the sector as KALE İNŞAAT A.Ş  fast and reliable in this sector. KALE İNŞAAT A.Ş has given the life opportunity to projects in the construction sector for last 20 years 


By taking in to consideration the importance of constituting living areas based on esthetics and durability, Kale İnşaat AŞ targeted to make studies that will add value to its sector.


KALE İNŞAAT AŞ who gives a big importance in order to make construction  designs which will comply with environmental  arrangement and structure of urban, becomes the address of reliable construction.


By applying state of art quality standards to the construction with the combination of landscaping and internal architect, KALE İNŞAAT A.Ş is also adding value to the region.


KALE İNŞAAT AŞ who establishes its studies on modern research, improvement  and following the developments  by adapting itself to the growing sector trends and world structure.



While executing all these works KALE İNŞAAT AŞ focused on  :

Providing  opportunities to each individual  income groups

Fast adaptation to new technological developments

Applying architecture and esthetics projects with extreme care

To be extreme carefull when the subject is  static and earthquakes

Offering alternatives to the investors for of procuring and selling investors, adopting the service concept in the foreground  for our youngsters with future promising education, playground and sport complex areas

Personally undertook the construction of social space, or contributed to many

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